TC1 Nail Depots: MyLash Microblading and Eyelash Extension Classes

– Member of Conventional & Cosmetic Tattoo Association.
– Member of Society Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.
– Master trainer at Worldwide Micro-PMU Art Academy Phibrows artist.
– Certificate of completed permanent makes up training by using the hand method micro stroking.
– Certificate of completed permanent makes up training by using the hand method micro stroking.
– Experience in Championship Worldwide Eyebrows Festival.
Come to MyLash Microblading and Eyelash Extension workshop at TC1 Nail Depots Sunday April 8th through Wednesday April 11th.

Not sure if this is the right class for you? Join us for our FREE demo on Sunday April 8th from 9:30am to 5:00pm. We will be presenting a free live demo to show the process of Microblading and Eyelash Extension. We will also go over the technical skills required to succeed in the industry and introduce attendees to the entire toolkit and products required for Microblading and Eyelash Extension. At this workshop, our experienced and professional trainers will be ready to answer any questions that you have related to the industry and workshop.

Students interested in our Eyebrow Microblading & Ombre class will train with Thomas Nguyen on Monday April 9th and Tuesday April 10th. The trainer will go through the basics and show you what it takes to master microblading and ombre/shading during  the two days hands-on training course. Students joining these classes will receive a kit which includes:

1Microblading Crystal Pens | 20 Blades
1 Colors Micro Pigments
1 Numbing Liquid
1 Fading Agent | 1 Repair Agent
1 Cup Holder | 50 Cups
1 Roll Paper Pencils |1 Eye Brow Ruler
5 Practice Skin Pads | 1 Model Head
1 Micro Star Brush 50/pack
1 Mylush Brush 50/pack
1 Myvelvet Brush 50/pack

The founder of Myano Nails & Spa, My , will teach the Eyelash Extension course on Wednesday April 11th. Students attending this class will receive a free $600 eyelash extension kit and free eyelash lift lesson.

Students can take both classes or one class individually.

Meet My: her Success Story will be yours

In 1998 My founded and established Myano Nails & Spa; A Seattle Icon.

After many requests to open another “Myano Nails & Spa”, Fabulash Nails and Spa had its first grand opening in 2012 in neighboring Kirkland, Wa.

Myano and Fabulash Nails & Spa has been in the forefront of the lash and nail industry in the greater Seattle area.

Ever since the year 2000 My discovered her passion for lashes. After many years of extensive lash training and product research, she perfected her own technique for lash application and found the highest quality lash products at the best prices to help make the lash extension industry affordable and profitable for every lash stylist.

Here you can see how your income can rise:
Full set=2h
3 customers/week
(6-7 h/week)
5 customers/week
(10 -12h/week)
10 customers/week
(20 -25h/ week)
$150 $23,400.00 $39,000.00 $78,000.00
$200 $31,200.00 $52,000.00 $104,000.00
$250 $39,000.00 $65,000.00 $130,000.00

Mylash Training and Certification

Each MyLash training specialist brings the expert knowledge on the newest techniques, trends,and lash safety information that is extremely invaluable in developing your eyelash extension business and career.

We are delighted to share with you MyLash products and our over 10 years experience in the lash industry.

With the right skills, products, training, and tools you can be the best.

Start your new career or just learn the latest techniques in lash artistry today.

Contact information:

206 753 8643
8423 122nd Ave NE
Kirkland WA 98033

MyLash Customer Support

We care about every MyLash customer. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We never stop updating our techniques and styles to stay competitive and in creating new quality products to keep the MyLash customer the best in the lash industry.